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Just found out
12.12.2020 by Shonali

I had heard about Alexithymia before and had suspicion that I suffer from it. I have not been diagnosed by a doctor presently, but I took the test and scored 123. I have difficulty in coming in terms with my emotions and have a very small group of friends. Before, I was 13, I had been sexually abused four times. I have problem looking to people directly in the eye and am not very confident. I have trouble comprehending what I suffer from is because of the abuse or is it genetic. I decided to ultimately take the test because I lost a loved one recently but I have not cried once and feel like there is something wrong with me.

12.12.2020 by Alexej

HI Shonali

Welcome to the Forum

I am sorry to hear about your history. It is not for folk here to tell you what the diagnosis would be for you.

In my case Alexithymia is linked with autism, but this is not always the case. is a resource I have used and found to be a good and helpful place.

Not crying can have many causes, but keep digging and looking