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is this possible?
09.02.2021 by User70257F76

I'm new to the term alexithyma but i've been trying to find a way to explain my relationship with emotions and this has been the closest so far. I really struggle to identify and understand my own emotions any further than "sad" "happy" etc, i usually know when i should feel a certain way about something, for example, if i've been given something i know i should feel happy and grateful so i act on it but i cant identify the feeling itself, which has caused a few issues within my relationships with people. However, unlike a lot of what ive read on alexithymia, i can generally understand social cues and pick up on how other people are feeling by how they act or their facial expressions, i cant say i fully understand the feeling itself but i can tell when they feel a certain way quite easily and i usually understand the tone in a social situation which helps me keep relationships on a relatively good note.

I'm not sure if i explained this well as ive only recently started being able to put it into words but is it possible that this could be alexithymia even though i only struggle with my own emotions and not so much other people's or should i just keep looking for other terms?

13.02.2021 by Milkbad

Alexithymia, like Autism, can be minor or worse for some. Typically Alexithymia is identified by a lack of being able to deal or interpret with any emotional form.

Its also important to note that you shouldn't feel any specific way at any certain time. Emotions happen as they happen and that is normal. Being emotionally disconnected or desensitized, is common in men especially. Its growing more common as society continues on its current path.

Honestly to know, you would need to see a specialist that could help you figure it out. There are a lot of variables that need to be discovered and checked by a professional.