Topic: Do you guys struggle with expressing the feeling you really want to

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Do you guys struggle with expressing the feeling you really want to
19.08.2021 by User65223P15

I haven’t been diagnosed or anything, I’m not allowed to go to a therapist. But I’ve always struggled with explaining my emotions, to the point it just frustrates me. I can’t remember most of my childhood but I do know now a days I can’t seem to physically show what I want to. I want to scream and shout and cry cause I’m mad and sad but I just cant. And I don’t understand why. Sorry if this was super off topic

16.09.2021 by Alexej

HI and welcome to the Forum

Seems like you are in a really tough place. Explaining emotions is really hard at times.

10.11.2021 by tanstaafl28

I feel like a lot of my life has been going through the motions without any real idea what I was feeling. Super intense emotions are easy to peg, but all the ones in-between are really a mystery. I really want to understand this better. I want to feel what other people feel. I think I had a pretty traumatic childhood and I just learned to suppress my emotions for the most part. I don't trust easily. I've been betrayed by people I thought were supposed to be there for me. Anyway, yes, I am someone who struggles to express my everyday emotions. I was married and got used to sharing my life with someone and when she left, I felt so alone. I miss having someone who is there for me.

30.01.2022 by User83486A24

Ok, so I got therapy where I was supposed to integrate emotions, and it did more harm than good. My life has been a living hell since therapy. And this emotional “integration” has been hell. I prefer disregarding them.

But disregarding them was how I got into abusive relationships.

Fudge, at least I was not suffering. Rejection… more extreme that disappointment.

Would probably have been to good to identify and prioritize those negative feelings. Rejection isn’t one you have the power to overcome on your own, though, so there was no avoiding it, just choosing between which flavor of snot sandwich you could stomach. Or obligation.

Friggen hate emotions. All of them. Life would be better without them.

01.02.2022 by Alexej

Sorry to hear that the therapy was counter productive.