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Sex issues related to Alexi as well?
15.05.2014 by NickMick

Well after a year of questioning my boyfriends reasoning for being with me and my up and down roller-coaster ride I am happy to have come across this site.

I am wondering one thing for the people struggling with this. I am 40, he is 43. And we rarely have sex. Maybe 2 times a week, and I feel like I initiate it for the most part. For example he just left for work and will be gone for 2 weeks and we didn't have sex the day before. That puzzles me. I feel like he would have sex with any female at the drop of the hat, is that so no emotion has to be involved? I'm confused by so much of this.

RE NickMick
13.08.2014 by Eye

Do you think he is alexithymic? Why? Why do you think he would have sex with any woman at any time? I actually think 2 times a week is pretty good and better than most. You two could just be sexually incompatible.

Not sure how this works.
19.10.2014 by Salsburysteaksweater

I agree with Eye, Some people who suffer like myself, require a time and place/emotional stability to perform, or even want to.

RE NickMick
25.11.2014 by BenjiNMo

It sounds to me like he is a very lucky man to get it twice a week. My wife and I are both 36 and have only been together for 8 yrs and our sex life has gradually declined to where now is maybe twice a yr. Granted we are night and day emotional wise, she is a very emotional, empathetic person and the only real emotions I have ever had are anger, meh and what I call content. I am medicated for PTSD but I have always had a high sex drive (like most men lol) since I was a teen. But I think you 2 are doing better than the average couple.