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is there anyway to change?
22.10.2014 by mack

I came across this site and I took the test and i got 138 points. apparently that means i'm highly alexithymic.I have been having issues describing this forever and i just wanted to ask and see if there's a way to change? I know it sounds stupid considering its a character trait but i just thought i would ask and see if there is anyway to stop it? because it bothers me a lot...

07.11.2014 by ChadP

The only thing I've read in respects to changing is a list as follows:
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Journaling: Studies show that expressive writing can be helpful in stretching one’s ability to detect emotions [6]. Generally, it’s recommended to write everyday in a journal, going beyond listing the events of the day. In the beginning this will be hard for those who have thymia. But the goal is to broaden the range of your observations within and outside of yourself.

Reading Novels: The language of describing thoughts, feelings, moments and experiences is literally found in novels. Studies suggest this is a great way to learn expressive language, develop the muscle of receptive language and gain mastery in how to describe a story or personal narrative [7].

The Expressive Arts: Taking a more formal approach with an acting, dance, art, music or movement therapy class has been shown to help those with alexithymia recognize and externalize feelings [8]. Try signing up for courses offered in adult and child education in your town, community programs or college workshops. Consider private sessions with a licensed creative arts or dance movement therapist.

Skill-Based Psychotherapy Treatments: This is a short form of psychotherapy that aims to teach through skill building. Treatments like Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Mindfulness Training and Short Term Interpersonal Therapy will teach you how to be more attentive to personal feeling states and how to identify emotions in others [9].

Group Psychotherapy: The interactive aspect of group therapy can offer children and adults ways to explore their own thoughts and feelings as well as experience meaningful exchanges with others. This mode of psychotherapy also deepens a sense of connectedness with others [10].

Hypnosis and Relaxation Training: While most psychotherapies utilize talking as a way to reduce alexithymic symptoms, hypnosis and relaxation training look towards guided imagery and mentalizations to help enhance emotional understanding [11]. Seek out relaxation training workshops in your community, and always work with a licensed hypnotist when using hypnosis treatment for alexithymia.

Alexithymia is a trait that makes it hard to find words for thoughts and feelings. It is experienced by both children and adults and can come in mild, moderate and severe forms. When identified, alexithymia can be treated – with the goal of making feelings and their textures easier to navigate.

I "feel" the same way!
18.06.2015 by TiredOfFaking

I just wanted to say that I "feel" the same way, Mack. I wish I could just flip on my "feelings" switch and --poof! -- be a "normal" feeling person. It's not that I don't want to put in the hard work required to change something about myself. I just honestly don't see how therapy can possibly help me given that I cannot express my feelings, no matter how much I want to. I've tried therapy before (although not specifically for alexithymia). . . I’ve been to see a therapist twice and neither time was helpful. The first time I burst into tears after a few minutes – I can’t tell you why I was crying, I just cried uncontrollably – and walked out. The second time I shut down. I couldn’t answer any questions and left after a few minutes. I'm desperate enough to try again, though. . . for my sake, my husband's sake and my baby's sake. I wish you luck in your journey!

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19.03.2016 by yBeB

Not always but in extreme situation, I have been writing since I was 15. Nowadays, I am not writing much and I may say that I am not able to read what I wrote. After some sentences, when the topic comes to an emotional one I am not able to continue. This is because I allowed one of my friends to read some of them or, because I remember what I lived when I read them or, because of something else.. I do not know the exact reason. Maybe my alexi got increased. But it was nice to write in extreme situations...
After discussing some one or after living nice minutes, just take a pencil and a blank paper and go somewhere alone. You can saving your writings in a file by being careful so that no one find them. After months or years when you read them(if you can) it would be nice.

how do you cope with partner who has this
22.05.2016 by geronilo

for the last 12yr I have often wondered if my husband cared, he never seemed to understand or see how his lack of emotional responses were seriously changing me as a person. even now I spend a significant amount of my time convincing myself he didn't mean to say that/do that/behave like that, having conversations in my head of what I will say to him that won't take too long/stress him out/will evoke an answer, its exhausting!! Now I have stumbled on this I may have a name to put to the situation but how how does this change anything? do I continue to excuse his actions as I have been or is there some treatment? he will never go to a counceller and he probably wont keep a journal so is that it? is it all down to me to accept him as he is despite how difficult it is for me? do I ignore it all? I just don't know, all I know is I can't keep on living in this situation, any advise??

geronilo - How do you cope with a partner - Try this thread on the forum
22.05.2016 by MrG