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Emotional Overload.
17.09.2015 by Katt

I recently took this test and was surprised to find that I scored 126, which is pretty high. I didn't realise just how emotionless I had become, but looking back it makes sense.

I believe we can only take so much emotional pain, and then our brains suddenly say, okay that's it, switch off time. I know for a fact that I deliberately switched myself off emotionally from various day to day things, but it seems that by switching off I am now incapable of switching back on. Or maybe its because my choices in life have left me stuck in a rut, who knows?

But yes its strange not to feel. I do hope I can get my emotions back. Surely if they are turned off, they can be turned back on again? We will see.

strongly agree
05.03.2016 by yBeB

I think we were able to feel them much more than most of people. Then, when we love some one too much and expect some response, we couldn't take what we need. After some times we understand that, there is not a real buddy in the world. In high school, first class, what I think is there cannot be a real friend who is human so lets have a dog. Then, I meet with Rumi and Shams Tabrizi. When I first read them, I said this is it, this is what I search for. I become tend to Sufism. Then I meet some books that change my life. These quotas are from the book.

"...tiny man’s tiny heart may hold a love as great as the universe."

"...Love is the cause of the universe's existence, and what binds it; and it is both the light of the universe and its life. Since man is the most comprehensive fruit of the universe, a love that will conquer the universe has been included in his heart, the seed of that fruit. Thus, only one possessing infinite perfection may be worthy of such an infinite love."

"...Also included in his nature is a boundless capacity to love. For these reasons he nurtures love towards all beings. He both loves the huge world as though it were his house, and he loves eternal Paradise as though it were his garden. However, the beings he loves do not stop, they depart, and he constantly suffers the pain of separation. That boundless love of his becomes the means of boundless torment.

However, the fault in suffering such torment is his, for he was given a heart with an infinite capacity to love in order to direct it toward One possessing infinite undying beauty. By misusing it and spending it on transitory beings, he has done wrong and suffers the punishment for his fault through the pain of separation.

When in this state, the human heart gives up innumerable objects of love;

beholding the stamp of transitoriness on their beauty, it severs its attachment to them. It otherwise suffers wounds to the number of its beloveds. The second “O Eternal One, You alone are Eternal!” is both a salve and an antidote for those wounds. That is, “O Eternal One! Since You are Eternal, that is sufficient, You take the place of everything. Since You exist, everything exists!”

Yes, the beauty, bounty, and perfection in beings, which excite love, are generally signs of the Truly Enduring One’s beauty and bounty and perfections, and passing through many veils, are pale shadows of them; indeed, they are the shadows of the shadows of the manifestations of His most beautiful names. "

So, yeah, there is an infinite love in my heart and these humans do not deserve this love. What I suggest to you is to change your direction to the Eternal One.

be thankful
10.08.2016 by rickmutua

you two shuld b glad that u have eva loved someone/something, some of us have neva had that priviledge. me for example, I frankly dnt know wat love feels like. I listen to my frends talk about how they love bfs/gfs and.... fuck I dnt even have feelings for my own parents. like havent talked to my mum for ova a month now and I dnt think I wil b doing t soon coz I dnt know wat to tlk to her about *sighs* nwy ts life.

I waana know what love is....
23.01.2017 by SectionEight

Firstly I scored 152 on the test, so your very high seems quite mild to me ;-p

In regards to love, I think the turning point for me emotionally speaking, was when my penpal (who used to live in the same country as me) rejected my love for her. I remember feeling really heart-broken, and I suspect it's when I fully closed off my heart to avoid further pain. Up until that point I had very limited emotions anyway, but that was definitely the final nail in the coffin. I've been diagnosed with bipolar II and Schizoid Personality Disorder, so it wasn't one single event that made me into an Alexi or Schizoid.

In regards to the second posters thoughts on love, I take a rather more cynical view point. In my 42 years of life I've seen people who apparently were in love with their spouse, only to lose them and find another who they seem equally 'in love with'. Personally I don't buy into this whole soul-mate idea. Which is funny because I've been married for 18 years.

state and/or emotion
27.01.2017 by thoughts

with distinct levels/stages

Is universal, ex. mother shows affection to her child and even the beasts and birds show kindness to one another

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30.04.2017 by Z

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21.06.2017 by Michaela1205

Could I posted a two-paragraph long thing and see what you guys think? would that be play on here?.

30.12.2017 by Z

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