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Hey People
14.10.2015 by Alexander98

So, kind of new to this. I came across this site by accident and did a little research and thought "hey this seems pretty accurate".

So a big thank you to everyone on this site for a number of reasons, first I now know its not just me that feels this was and second its nice to know that there's a community where I could potentially belong. Thank you.

I think a short bio would be appropriate. Hi, I'm Alex (Alex is my preferred name because of gender fluidity... don't ask) I am an asexual and I display high Alexi traits. I'm 17 and have pretty much known there was something that set me apart from others from a very young age (good to finally know what that is)

So hi. I will be frequenting this site I think.

I admire you for the asexual thing...
25.10.2015 by DXS

Hello, I admire you for the asexual thing. People will not understand it. But it's completely ok, and to me it's on the "spectrum" if you will, of sexuality.

03.11.2015 by maccheese

Hey there fellow ACE

Hey Ace
04.11.2015 by Alexander98

Hey, awesome :)