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Kik group
25.01.2016 by maccheese

Anyone interested in a kik group? Seems like an fb groups was not desirable as it makes things public to family and friends and I totally understand. Would love to regularly chat with fellows in real time.

What is Kik?
25.01.2016 by DXS

Could you tell us what Kik is?

26.01.2016 by maccheese

Sure. Its a free text app. Pretty popular.

12.04.2016 by slushhhhy

this sounds interesting as facebook is too public for me.

if anything is made i'd join it :)

FB Groups
12.04.2016 by DXS

On Facebook, I discovered you could make a SECRET group. I'm in one, but for another purpose. It's about pets, and we have a reason for it to be SECRET.

On a SECRET group, NOBODY can see it. They can't see that you are in one, they can't see what you post.

On a "Closed" group, they can see who is IN the group, but not what you post unless you are in the group.

But the two alexithymia groups I looked at seemed to have nothing to do with Alexithymia.

13.04.2016 by slushhhhy

if there isn't one we should just make one. :)