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Jobs, departments and hobbies
04.03.2016 by yBeB

I wonder if we are all interested in the same kind of activities. In other words, the things we are not faking. I can write three interests for myself.
1) My department: computer engineering. I like writing codes. To communicate with machines is easier than to communicate with people. In high school, I was interested in math and geometry. Especially geometry, shapes and angles...
2) Sport. There is not any spor that I tried and do not like but martial arts are my favorite ones. I think this is because since we are not able to tell verbally, we can tell with physical activities.
3)As a last, I am interested in Sufism. I think the reason behind my alexi is something like trauma. When I love too much and didn't receive response, my heart system has broken. In Sufism poeple are feeding their hearts.

Excellent Question!
04.03.2016 by DXS

In another post, we discovered we are mostly INTJ or ENTJ.

Ok, my career was an Auditor, doing a LOT of "analyzing." I'm pretty good with computers, I probably could have excelled in that area. I LOVE to analyze. I will make up any excuse I can to make a spreadsheet to analyze something.

I travel in my RV. As a child, I loved Astronomy, but don't so much dabble in it now...

I'm kind of a "walking encyclopedia." People wonder how I happen to "know a lot of stuff."

Sports, I sucked at. My family snow skied when I was a child, but I don't do it now. I dabbled at archery for years, but it was just "dabbling." One of my friends is trying to get me interested in a cross bow. Well, with all the sighting pins and stuff, I hit the target all the time to the amazement of my friend. What's the big deal? Just use the sighting pins. Where is the challenge in that? When I used a plain old "recurve," I could get in the general area, but never dead center.

Hitting target can be a common point
04.03.2016 by yBeB

I tried archery in a youth camp for only several times and if I remember truly I hit the second crucial area in my first trial. Also, I was not playing basketball often but when I played it I was good at triple shoots. As general, we might be good at hitting targets. I am not sure if it is related with our alexi.

06.03.2016 by kat3lb

Department: first was microbiology research. Loved to come to the lab after working hours and not being disturbed by colleagues. Nowadays humanitarian overseas. Taking opportunity of the "not missing people" trait. Sometimes difficult conditions in the field (hunger, hot climate, diseases) make me feel at least something and remind me that I am still alive.
Colleagues often ask me to be less analytical and just take decisions.
I am not fascinated by numbers, but like to observe natural processes (plants growing, wounds healing, bacterial culture multiplying, bodies of dead animals disappearing in the forest etc. ... and also things like real time PCR ,although less natural). Like to look for fractals in nature.

Sport: long distance jogging or trekking. preferably alone or with someone who does not need to speak.

Hobbies: reading, clarinet and piano, cats. But anytime I am doing something called "leisure" I feel guilty like loosing my time.

I'm an odd one
02.05.2016 by Samie

My job field is hospitality. I have learned along time ago that the one feeling i can fake like no other is happiness. I have actually gotten awards for guest service. People don't really bother me and truthfully I just don't care. I just want to make other people happy. I am very detail oriented and a little over bearing but it's just I have to have everything right. But in this field not letting people get under your skin and if you can just think your way through your day the better you are.

Hobbies....... well I really don't have any. I like having animals around and working with kids with special needs. It helps to not worry about getting upset or frustrated. But it is still hard to help the kids when they are upset because I just don't know how I'm supposed to help. But at the end of the day helping these kids be happy in life is enough.

08.05.2016 by DXS

I currently do work in hospitality (I have worked front desk at RV parks, now I work as Night Auditor in a hotel....) As a Night Auditor, you only have to do MINIMAL hospitality (less dealing with people, only those die hards that are still awake on graveyard shift....) but you get to do a lot of analyzing, which is what I excelled at when I worked as an Auditor.

I just started this job, still getting used to graveyard shift......