Online Alexithymia Test

Please answer the following questions as spontaneous as possible. If you don´t know what to answer for a specific question just leave it empty. Each question offers five answers and you need to choose one of it. To get your results you need to answer a minimum of 20 questions to get a significant result.

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It is not required to specify your age, gender and blood type and it is not influencing the results, but it would help to get a better insight to the test results and would help others as well to get a better comparision. After we have enough data we will give you some statistical information about it, which helps to get a better understanding of alexithymia. If you are just playing around with the test, please do not specify age and sex.

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1: When asked which emotion I'm feeling, I frequently don't know the answer.

2: I'm unsure of which words to use when describing my feelings.

3: I prefer to find out the emotional intricacies of my problems rather than just describe them in terms of practical facts.

4: When other people are hurt or upset, I have difficulty imagining what they are feeling.

5: People tell me to describe my feelings more, as if I haven't elaborated enough.

6: Sex as a recreational activity seems kind of pointless.

7: I can describe my emotions with ease.

8: You cannot functionally live your life without being aware of your deepest emotions.

9: People sometimes get upset with me, and I can't imagine why.

10: People tell me I don't listen to their feelings properly, when in fact I'm doing my utmost to understand what they're saying!

11: When I am upset I find it difficult to identify the feelings causing it.

12: Describing the feelings I have about other people is often difficult.

13: I prefer doing physical activities with friends rather than discussing each others emotional experiences.

14: I am not much of a daydreamer.

15: I don't like people's constant assumptions that I should understand or guess their needs... its as if they want me to read their minds!

16: I sometimes experience confusing sensations in my body.

17: For me sex is more a functional activity than it is an emotional one.

18: Some people have told me I am cold or unresponsive to their needs.

19: I don't dream frequently, and when I do the dreams usually seem rather boring.

20: Friends have indicated, in one way or another, that I'm more in my head than in my heart.

21: I can't identify feelings that I vaguely sense are going on inside of me.

22: I often ask other people what they would feel if in my personal situation (any situation), as this better helps me understand what to do.

23: I find it useful to ponder on my feelings as much as the practical issues when setting my priorities.

24: I use my imagination mainly for practical means, eg., like how to work out a problem or construct a useful idea or object.

25: I often feel incompetent, awkward, uncomfortable, or occasionally physically sick in sexual situations.

26: When involved in difficult or turbulent relationships, I sometimes develop confusing physical symptoms.

27: I tend to rely on other people for interpreting the emotional details of personal/social events.

28: I don\t like conversations in which more time is spent discussing emotional matters than daily activities because it detracts from my enjoyment.

29: I often get confused about what the other person wants from a sexual relationship.

30: People I've been in close relationships with have complained that I neglect them emotionally.

31: I like it when someone describes the feelings they experience under circumstances similar to my own, because this helps me see what my own feelings might be.

32: My imagination is often spontaneous, unpredictable and involuntary.

33: When helping others I prefer to assist with physical tasks rather than offering counsel about their feelings.

34: I have puzzling physical sensations that even friends/aquaintances/others don't understand.

35: I get in a muddle when I try to describe how I feel about an important event.

36: My imagination is usually not spontaneous and surprising, but rather used/employed in a more controlled fashion.

37: I make decisions based on principles rather than gut feelings.

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